The circular recycling projects are reinforced with the incorporation of Teresa Martinez

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SINTAC RECYCLING, is a leading company in the treatment and commercialization of recycled plastics. Furthermore, the organization is greatly committed in providing high quality products and services. Hence, the company is continuously improving. Recently, SINTAC signed the “Pact for Circular Economy” of the Ministry for Ecological Transition. And now, the company goes a step further, incorporating Teresa Martínez to the team of professionals, as the coordinator of all “Circular Economy Projects”.

Teresa Martínez, Chemist by profession, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Plastics from the CSIC, contributes its substantive knowledge in the field of the Plastics Industry at both national and international levels. Moreover, Teresa Martínez has an experience of over 20 years in the Plastics Sector, specially in the areas of Certification, Environment, Institutional Relations, Communication, Recycling and Sustainability.

In her professional career, Teresa Martínez has held numerous relevant positions, such as President of PASSAGE LIMPIO, President of CICLOARGO, Chairwomen of the Technical Commission of Plastics of ECOEMBES, General Secretary of the AENOR PLASTD CERTIFICATE COMMITTEE and Member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the organization EPRO (European Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations).

As Project Director of the projects of SINTAC RECYCLING, Teresa Martínez has designed several collective projects of circular recycling that combine and integrate the interests of several companies in the value chain of plastics.
The focus of all projects is turning waste into real resources and closing the loop of the life-cycles of materials, as well as the promotion of a Circular Economy.

SINTAC RECYCLING presented to the LIFE Program of the European Commission several environmental projects; one of them, has already passed the first phase and is now entering the second and final ‘examination’ that will determine the final approval or rejection. According to the official information, the project will be implemented in Spain in the period July 2019- Dec 2021.

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