Sustainability Projects

At Sintac, we help you make your project a reality by offering you the solution you need

We promote corporate commitment to sustainability by developing innovative projects based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for non-compliant and committed companies like yours.

When do we start?

Project types

Circular economy projects

Projects that transform waste into resources to be reintroduced into the production cycle

Customised projects

Customised projects, from the search for partners, the identification of funding lines to the dissemination of results.

EPR-Schemes Design

Design, implementation and monitoring of collective systems with extended producer responsibility.

Cooperation projects

Projects in cooperation with public-private institutions at national and international level.

Active projects

Currently, SINTAC is involved in multiple projects that are being carried jointly with companies such as CAPEC and RIGK.

RIGK España

Sintac is the official Agency in Spain of RIGK GmbH, which manages 8 EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)-Systems for commercial and industrial packaging, as well as agricultural plastics. SINTAC advises Spanish companies exporting to the German market on compliance with their legal obligations in the field of EPR. 


CAPEC is a non-profit association based on a Circular Economy management system for fruit and vegetable plastic crates. The circuit involves the entire value chain by organising selective collection and circular recycling circuits, providing 100% recycled plastic crates, with the appropriate traceability to comply with EFSA food safety criteria.