We are a family business with a multidisciplinary, dedicated, professional and highly qualified team with extensive experience in recycling, polymer technology, sustainability, environmental marketing, graphic design and journalism.

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Vicente Olmos

CEO and Founder

Gunter Schulze-Steinen

Key Account Manager

Finance Department

Rosa Roch

Chief Financial Officer

Vicente Soriano

Financial Assistant

Commercial Department

Fernando Calatayud

Sales Director

Victoria López

Senior Account Executive & Projects Development

César Ibáñez

Key Account Manager

Ad Jeroen Van Goor

European Business Development Manager

Martyna Dida

Commercial assistant

Jose Acosta

Commercial Backoffice

Logistics Department

Laura Carrión

Logistics Manager

Paula Parra

Purchase and Logistics Assistant

Sustainability Projects Department

Teresa Martínez

Circular Economy Project Manager

Lucía Olmos

CSR and Sustainability Project Developer

Laura García

CAPEC Technical Manager

Biel Cerdà

Balearic Islands Delegate

Green Marketing Department

Javier Ruíz

Corporate Communications Manager & Creative Director

Carla Gómez

Graphic Designer & Audiovisual Producer

Ana Nieto

Creative Manager and Web Designer

Sheila Gallego

Brand Communication & Project Manager

Isabel Tornero

Community Manager

RIGK Chile

Anne Biehl

Project Manager

Nesko Kuzmicic

Operations Manager

Lorena Calderón

Administrative and Financial Manager

Administration Department

Nuria Jericó

Administrative Assistant

Mar Alonso

Administrative Assistant

Silvia Saiz

Administrative Assistant

Polymer Processing Plant

Miguel García

Shift Supervisor

Pablo Schulze-Steinen

Quality Controller

Eduardo Palanca