Sintac office RIGK

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SINTAC RECYCLING has visited the central offices of RIGK in Wiesbaden, to share experiences and analyze the future of the plastic industry in Germany, Spain and the South American market. Both companies are developing common projects, after over 20 years of business relationship within the plastic industry.

The great virtues of industrial and agricultural plastic recycling of RIGK, and the possibility of exporting that particular system to other markets where the recycling of plastics originating from agriculture is not that sophisticated, is one of the main issues/matters being analyzed by both companies.

Likewise, SINTAC RECYCLING introduced RIGK to awareness campaigns and to innovative environmental communication systems, on the issue of recycling initiated by SINTAC RECYCLING in Spain, where the necessity for awareness are often much greater than in the German market.

Both markets will be analyzed, this will be complemented with the visit of RIGK to the installations and plans of SINTAC RECYCLING in Spain at the end of the month of April.

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