What is Ecolabel and what is it for?

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The European Ecolabel or Ecolabel, sure you’ve ever seen, is represented by a flower, is an official label of the European Union ecological that was created in 1992 with which certifies organic products that care about protecting the environment. With this certificate helps to reduce the impact of the environment and contribute to a much greener future, so we recommend that before you buy if you have the option to buy a product with this type of label you encourage you to take it.

What is Ecolabel?

The EU Ecolabel is awarded to those products and services that respect and comply strictly with ecological standards throughout their life cycle. It is the environmental label par excellence, which was created by the European Commission in 1992 and is recognized worldwide.

This label promotes the circular economy by encouraging producers to generate less waste and CO2 during the manufacturing process. Many companies use the criteria of this eco-labeling system to guide them on best practices when developing their product lines.


What are its principles?

The principles of this label are based on compliance with environmental or other Community or national legal requirements applicable to the different phases of the life cycle of products.

Within the phases the determination of the environmental effects is one of the requirements, an examination must be carried out throughout the life cycle of the product and the possible interactions with the environment in which the use of energy and natural resources is included.


  • Promote services and products that can reduce adverse environmental effects.
  • Contribute to the efficient use of resources and a high degree of environmental protection.
  • Accurate, verifiable, science-based product and service information and guidance to consumers.

What is the Ecolabel for?

This label facilitates the consumer’s decision to purchase the product, in order to be environmentally friendly:

Reasons to opt for the Ecolabel:

  • Increased environmental awareness creates reliability and a favourable climate in the green market.-
  • Within the process of verifying whether or not your products meet the requirements, you can find ways to optimise your products and production processes.-
  • The European eco-label opens doors to new business opportunities.-
  • The eco-label works according to the ISO 14024 standard and is therefore a type one label, a way of being able to communicate environmental information to the consumer in the most reliable way.
  • The eco-label represents and fulfils very transparent and selective criteria and provides consumers with accurate, reliable and scientifically based information on the environmental performance of labelled products, as sustainable consumers are becoming more and more demanding.

How to apply for a European Green Label?

Entities interested in applying for this label must contact the body appointed by the Autonomous Communities of origin of the product. Once the body has been contacted, a preliminary report, a draft proposal of criteria and a final report determining the suitability or otherwise of the product or service in question are drawn up.

How do I apply and how much does it cost?

Since, depending on the territory where the product is created, the procedure must be initiated in a different entity, in the following link we share with you the direct link to the European Union (more information).

In addition, we also share with you the procedure requested by the Generalitat Valenciana, which we have extracted from their website, and you can also consult it via the following link (more information)


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