What is done with recycled plastic?

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If there is one essential material in our society, it is plastic. We find it in hygiene and food packaging, in clothing and accessories, in household and urban furniture, in sanitary products… Objects without which it would be difficult to conceive of life today. However, the fact that it is necessary for life does not mean that it must be made from virgin materials. In a context of climate crisis and lack of natural resources, recycling is essential. At SINTAC we know this. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to the recovery of this material and can tell you with full knowledge of the facts what is done with recycled plastic. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

What objects are made from recycled plastic?

Recycled plastic is a valuable raw material that, due to its versatility, durability and high functionality, is used to manufacture a large number of objects. Some of the most common are:

  • Packaging and bottles: many of the containers used to market food and beverages are made from recycled plastic. Thanks to them, we reduce the demand for virgin plastic and reduce the amount of waste generated.
  • Reusable bags: Reusable bags are an excellent alternative to single-use plastic bags. They can be used on more than one occasion and, in most cases, are made from recycled plastic. This material not only saves considerable water and energy, but also makes the most of plastic waste.
  • Household and urban furniture: other objects made from recycled plastic include furniture. From chairs, tables and sun loungers for the home garden to benches for outdoor use. The reason is simple: this material is weather-resistant and contributes to sustainability.
  • Clothing and accessories: more and more fashion brands are using this material to manufacture a wide range of items such as sportswear, swimwear, jackets, bags and shoes. In addition to being versatile, it is an example of respect for the environment and a sign of identity.
  • Toys: another industry that has joined the sustainability movement is the toy industry. In addition to manufacturing products with natural wood, they are committed to the use of plastic for the manufacture of toys and various games. These objects are safe and, at the same time, promote the reuse of materials.
  • Pipes and piping: In the industrial and construction sectors, recycled plastic is used for the manufacture of pipes and piping, making it a more sustainable alternative to other materials.

What can be made from recycled plastic bottles?

Trays, packaging, caps… There are many plastic objects that can be recycled. However, there is one that, due to its characteristics, has become popular on the market. We are talking about recycled plastic bottles, objects with a second life in a wide variety of applications:

  • New bottles and packaging: Much of the recycled plastic is used to make new bottles and packaging for the food or hygiene sector. This reduces the need for virgin plastic and contributes to waste reduction.
  • Textile fibres: Another thing that can be done with recycled plastic bottles is to turn them into textile fibres that are used to make clothes, carpets and other textile products.
  • Building materials: In the construction industry, recycled plastic bottles can be mixed with other materials to create products such as building blocks and insulation.
  • Street furniture: In many cities, recycled bottles are transformed into benches, picnic tables and other street furniture.
  • Art and decoration: some artists use recycled plastic bottles in their artwork and decoration projects, promoting creativity and sustainability.

Uses of recycled plastic in Spain

In Spain, as in many other parts of the world, significant steps are being taken towards the incorporation of recycled plastic in various sectors. An attitude that demonstrates the commitment of companies and citizens to a greener and more sustainable future. Although there are many applications of this material in our country, the most common are:

  • Packaging: Spanish companies are using recycled plastic in the manufacture of packaging, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic waste.
  • Automotive: The automotive sector has embraced recycled plastic in the manufacture of vehicle components and parts, improving the sustainability of this key industry.
  • Construction: another use of recycled plastic in Spain is the manufacture of pipes, profiles and other materials, promoting more sustainable and efficient construction.
  • Sustainable fashion: Spanish designers and brands in the fashion industry are using recycled plastic to create sustainable, earth-friendly clothing and accessories.
  • Architecture and design: In architectural and design projects, recycled plastic has become a versatile material for the creation of furniture, cladding and decorative elements.

Recycled plastic has infinite potential and is being used creatively in a wide variety of applications. From the manufacture of everyday objects to its use in industrial and construction sectors, plastic recycling is playing a crucial role in promoting sustainability and reducing pollution.

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