Sustainable housing from reused shipping containers and decor made from recycled plastics

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Sintac Recycling joins forces with Dosdíascontainer to align with the objectives of the European Green Pact.

SINTAC Recycling will collaborate with the innovative DOSDÍASCONTAINER project, a great sustainable initiative to give a second life to maritime containers.

The fusion of recycled materials with the reuse of these containers will become the new great era of construction, and what better way than using recycled materials from a company like SINTAC Recycling to build the decoration of these sustainable homes?

The added value of the circular economy has served as a motivation for these two large companies to join forces in the current necessary context, demonstrating high levels of efficiency and innovation in each of their projects and services.

This new alliance can be defined as a way of rethinking, reordering, reformulating, remanufacturing, revaluing, redesigning, rewarding, renewing or reclaiming, being effective in achieving the circularity of the economy and the great opportunities it presents.

The two companies are thus making a commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and working together on innovative projects that have an impact on the achievement of a circular economy.

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