Sintac Recycling reinforces its team with three new colleagues

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SINTAC Recycling, the leading company in plastics recycling and pioneering projects in the field of the circular economy, continues its unstoppable growth and incorporates three new members to its team.

María del PinoAngel Marcos and César Ibáñez will reinforce the areas of commercialization, project development and administration, adding great value to the company.

Vicente Olmos, the CEO of SINTAC Recycling, stated “due to the great effort of our team and despite the difficulties of the global market, SINTAC continues to grow year after year, promoting pioneering projects that not only boost the industry of plastic recycling but also promote its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility”.

He added: “Taking into consideration the adverse circumstances that the business world is experiencing as a result of the COVID-19, it is a great pride for me, as an entrepreneur, to create three new jobs.”

Furthermore, it is important to mention that SINTAC Recycling has received two awards in 2020: the ‘Award for the most sustainable company in the region of Valencia’; and the ‘National Award for the commitment to sustainability and business excellence’ of SINTAC. Both awards acknowledge SINTACs efforts to promote the transition of the current plastic recycling industry into a more sustainable one.

With the recruitment of new staff and the receipt of two awards, SINTAC concludes a year 2020 full of professional success.

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