Sintac part of the Steering Committee of the next “Made From Plastic”.

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After the success obtained in the last edition of the salon, which was entirely dedicated to the solutions of plastic packaging, SINTAC RECYCLING has become part of the Steering Committee of “MADE FROM PLASTIC”. The event took place at the Valencian Trade Fair, last October.

“MADE FROM PLASTIC” was founded with the support and in direct collaboration with the main national and Valencian associations of the sector, with the objective of creating a realistic, future-oriented and balanced offer-demand formula.

The event is mainly directed by all those SMEs that want new resources or improvements at the final processes of production, sales and distribution, since it offers the most efficient solutions for plastic packaging.

MADE FROM PLASTIC counts on the support of the sector´s leading associations: AlNIA; Technological Center, AIMPLAS; Technological Institute of Plastics in the Community of Valencia, AVEP; the Employers Association from the Valencian Plastic Industry, AIJU; Technological Institute specialized in toys, children´s products and  leisure, ANAOP; the Spanish industrial association of Plastics, FEDACOVA; Spanish Federation of AGROALIMENTACIÓN of the Valencian Community, FIAB; Spanish Federation of food and beverage industry, CICLOPLAST, ECOEMBES and ANDALTEC; Technological Center of Plastic in the autonomous region of Andalusia.

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