ChinaReplas2019, Sintac opt for the recycling of plastics

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China is the major producer and consumer of plastics worldwide. Marine litter constitutes the major focus of attention of the environmental concerns globally.

The Trade Fair CHINAREPLAST2019 in XIAMEN has opted for the recycling of plastics as the solution to the problem. The Plan 2019-2021 of the Chinese Government promotes the recycling of plastics and intends to increase the reciclability and the rate of usage of recycled plastic materials for circular purposes, both at the industrial and domestic levels of final consumers.

The 21st edition of CHINAREPLAST2019 has explored innovations on sustainable, recyclable and circular plastics, having eco-design as an indispensable tool for ensuring circularity. Governmental leaders, experts from the entire value chain both those of the own country as well as the representatives and foreign speakers, were brought together the 26th and 27th of April in Eastern China.

The stand of SINTAC RECYCLING received numerous visits that were attended by its team of professional experts, providing extensive information on its latest innovations of the materials, suitable for the new requirements of the Circular Economy.

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