Sintac recycling continues its activities

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented and extremely difficult situation for the entire society. We are living a very serious international health emergency. In order to face and stop the spread of the disease, the collaborations, solidarity, civil awareness and calm of all citizens is required.

SINTAC wants to answer the doubts of our consumers through the following commitments:

  1. SINTAC will operate at 100% of its capacity, as we believe that this exceptional situation requires our maximum support.
  2. In order to look after the health of our workers, SINTAC has implemented the appropriate measures to minimize the contagion. In our offices, factory and logistics center we will keep our usual hours and will perform the scheduled loading and unloading tasks. However, we Weill not receive any visits.
  3. Please inform us of any changes in your material orders, so that we can adapt to your needs.

We remain at the disposal of anyone who requires any further information or support. We call for unity and collective solidarity to jointly overcome the challenges we are facing.

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