Sintac awarded by the newspaper ‘De Aquí’

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The first edition of the ‘DE AQUÍ VALENCIA’ awards, organized by the Newspaper ‘De Aquí’, rewards SINTAC RECYCLING with the Sustainability Award, for its 30 years of plastic recycling, its commitment to the environment and its engagement with Circular Economy projects.

This way, the award recognizes the business trajectory and the proactive involvement of Sintac Recycling in the Sustainable Development of Valencia and Spain towards a modern, innovative and sustainable society.

In total, 14 Valencian Institutions and Companies were recognized at the gala in different areas of equality, solidarity, culture, etc. The business group SINTAC RECYCLING received the award for the most sustainable company. Among the other awarded companies and associations were the women’s football team Levante, the Valencian Business Association, the Spanish Association against Cancer, the Valencian Agricultural Associations, and the Valencia City Council for their initiative Bonica Fest.

Vicente Olmos, CEO at SINTAC Recycling, recalled his 30 years within the plastic recycling industry and underlined his continuous commitment to sustainability since he founded SINTAC Recycling: “thirty years ago in our country, Spain, nobody talked about recycling”. Furthermore, Mr. Olmos thanked his family and the SINTAC team, “for so much dedication and effort, that have brought us here”. At the same time, he highlighted the innovative projects of SINTAC Recycling, such as CAPEC, which organizes the recycling of boxes and pallets for a Circular Economy, and RIGK Spain, for the recycling of packaging from agriculture. According to Vicente Olmos, these projects “make the Circular Economy a reality every day”.

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