Sintac promotes the circular recycling at the “Asean Business Forum”

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The objectives of the bilateral meetings SINTAC/ASEAN were to establish commercial relations for the recycling of plastics and to promote the circular economy. 

Sintac Recycling has participated in the Conference ASEAN BUSINESS FORUM, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, to expand and collaborate in the recycling of plastics with the member countries of the Association of SouthEast Asian Nations.

The conferences, which aimed to increase the business opportunities between Spain and Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The Conference was held on September 13, and the purpose of SINTACs attendance was to establish relationships with the ambassadors and business advisors of the “ASEAN” countries.

In this sense, SINTAC, as one of the most international companies in Valencia, with strong presence in Europe and America, was of great interest for the ambassadors and commercial representatives of Southeast Asia, who were looking for new recycled plastic suppliers.

In the same way, the Commercial Managers of SINTAC, transferred to the Asian countries the need of transforming all the “ASEAN” nation members, into Circular Economies, based on the principle of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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