Sintac participates one more year in the care and conservation of sea turtles

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The Camp Tortuga 2022, sponsored by SINTAC, is the custodian of the only Caretta caretta sea turtle nesting in Spain this summer.

Sintac has joined forces once again with the NGO XALOC to promote and protect the Camp Tortuga 2022, which aims to protect the only sea turtle (Caretta caretta) nest that has laid its eggs on the beaches of Spain during 2022 and thus guarantee the birth of the hatchlings of this endangered species.

Since its beginnings, the leading plastic recycling company Sintac has valued its commitment to the environment, promoting corporate social responsibility practices and raising awareness of its impact on both the natural environment and society.

As in previous editions, Sintac’s environmental commitment has led it to participate in the protection and development of marine fauna, especially the caretta caretta turtle, which rarely nests on Spanish coasts and is in danger of extinction.

Thus, last Friday, 16th September, the inauguration of the Turtle Camp took place at the Parador de El Saler. Sintac was highlighted during the event as “a leading company in circular economy and sustainability with a strong commitment to environmental awareness work”.

The CEO of Sintac, Vicente Olmos, was present at the event and recalled in an interview with Xaloc that in 2021 Sintac managed to ‘convert 60 million plastics into raw material, which would have become waste if it were not for the work of the company, promoting a circular economy in the plastics industry’. Likewise, Mr. Olmos highlighted that ‘Sintac has collaborated with Xaloc on other occasions and this year, with Camp Tortuga 2022, we thought we should bet on this good deed, allying ourselves with Xaloc to guard the only loggerhead turtle nest on the entire coast of Spain’.

Sintac’s CEO stated that ‘one of the most important things in our company, as a private company, is to support this type of project and help develop this type of sustainable activity’. He also encouraged other companies to support projects of an informative and environmental awareness nature, in order to maximise the positive impact on nature.

This alliance with Xaloc is a step forward in the commitment to a more sustainable planet, reaffirming the company’s core values and corporate mission of promoting a circular industry as well as driving climate action

According to Carla Eymar, head of communications at XALOC, “thanks to collaborating companies such as Sintac we have been able to carry out this camp, because without the necessary funding we would not be able to host all the organisation and coordination needed. Awareness-raising and marine conservation by companies such as Sintac, Singularu, Paradores and Herbolarios Navarro, who collaborate on a daily basis with the environment”. The head also stressed the importance of “making it possible for the rest of the population to be aware of what is happening”.

For the next two weeks, Sintac and Xaloc will guard the nest of caretta caretta turtles, which has 99 eggs, and will ensure that each of the hatchlings reach the sea safe and sound. Over the next few days we will be reporting on the evolution of these 99 turtle eggs. Good sea!

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