Sintac participates in UN Global Compact event in Spain

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The main objectives of Sintac in this event were to establish short, medium and long term commitments to the environment, promote the recycling of plastics and encourage a circular economy.

Sintac has participated, together with our colleague Lucía Olmos, in the Conference organised by UN Spain at the Fundación Canal (Plaza Castilla) in Madrid, to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, and to discuss the action plan for people, planet and sustainability of the Global Compact.

During the event, organised to present the Global Compact’s new annual publication entitled “SDG Year 7. Innovation to achieve the 2030 Agenda: new sustainable business models”, case studies of leading Spanish companies in their sectors were presented and their experiences during the implementation of innovative measures to achieve the 2030 Agenda were discussed. Some of the speakers were: Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster, Director of AlgaEnergy; Carmen Silla, Marketing Director of Jeanologia; and Sergio Colado, CEO of Nechi Group. Other speakers included: Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism; Eva Tormo, Managing Director of the Canal de Isabel II Foundation; Clara Arpa, President of the UN Global Compact Spain; as well as Javier Molero, Director of Projects and Agenda 2030 of the Global Compact. It was highlighted on several occasions that having a transformative mind-set is the key to success today for companies wishing to meet the goals of the UN Global Compact.

As expressed by the United Nations Global Compact Spain in this publication, the document focuses on “the development of innovative solutions and analyses the commitment of Spanish companies to this value applied to sustainability, according to a comprehensive consultation of more than 2,500 Spanish companies. It also looks in depth at eight emerging markets in the field of sustainability, providing companies with the keys to move towards these new business models from the main sectors of the economy and assessing the state of implementation of the SDGs, as well as their work in innovation”.

Sintac took advantage of its participation in this event to stress the need to commit to a Circular Economy, promoting the consumption of quality recycled plastics, with the corresponding traceability guarantees and collaborating with the entire value chain to achieve environmental sustainability and conservation. 

In the same way as the United Nations, Sintac is a company deeply committed to the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, so the event served as an impetus to continue with the work it carries out in its efforts to promote corporate social responsibility and do its bit for the preservation of planet earth.

Congratulations to #UN Global Compact Spain for this event and we look forward to the next edition!

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