Sintac implements the COMPLIANCE program

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Sintac Recycling, the leading company in the recycling of plastics, has initiated its COMPLIANCE program to establish adequate and sufficient policies and procedures to ensure that the entire business group, including its directors, employees and related agents, comply with the applicable regulatory framework. Compliance distinguishes the company with an ETHICAL commitment, improves the company’s efficiency, harmonizes control processes and adds competitive value to its business. In addition, it can avoid incurring sanctions or legal proceedings.

SINTAC takes a further step to certify the quality of its products and services, its environmental commitment and business ethics in all its internal and external business procedures.

Within the regulatory framework, not only legal standards such as laws and regulations should be considered, but also internal policies, commitments to clients, suppliers or third parties, and especially the ethical codes that the company has committed to respect, as there are many cases in which an action may be legal but not ethical.

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