Reinventing the well-being of our team with “Sintac Relaxing”.

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Having a motivated and happy team of workers is key for the working environment and productivity of the company to be as desired. To this end, small incentives such as physiotherapy sessions, also known as “SINTAC Relaxing” service in our office, are key to achieving a more attractive workplace.

At SINTAC, as a family company, we attach great importance to the health of our magnificent team, and that is why, starting this June and before the summer holidays, SINTAC management has made a comprehensive physiotherapy service available to the entire workforce.

Titen Olmos, CEO SINTAC Recycling and Guillem Ruiz, physiotherapist and osteopath of the SINTAC Relaxing service.

The incorporation of physiotherapy services in the office is a service that brings great value to SINTAC, and shows our commitment to the well-being of our employees. For this, we have Guillem Ruiz Tamarit, a specialist in physiotherapy and osteopathy, as well as therapeutic exercise, rehabilitation and readaptation of sports injuries. Well known in the sports world, Guillem has been for years in charge of taking care of the physical condition of our CEO Vicente Olmos during his Rally competitions, as well as having more than 12 years of professional experience and his own clinic “Sinergia Clinic”.

Several studies conclude that this type of services in the office have a direct impact on employees with the following benefits:

Improved rest and sleep quality, increased sense of well-being, improved mobility, relaxation of body and mind, prevention of injury risk, stress reduction, relief of muscle tension and vitality.

It is very important for us to have happier and more involved staff, as Victoria López, a member of SINTAC’s commercial department, explains “I feel physically better, it is a great innovation to have this service in the company, and I am proud to belong to a Group that takes such great care of its employees”.

This initiative is a tremendously effective occupational prevention tool. With SINTAC RELAXING we are taking another step forward for the health and well-being of the whole team.

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