Recycling becomes a work of art.

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Ángel Cañas, has turned art into a way of transforming pneumatic waste into museum jewels. The new SINTAC offices bear witness to this.

The artist and sculptor Ángel Cañas, self-taught by choice, a free soul with his feet on the ground, sensitive and committed who, after many years dedicated to painting and drawing, discovers in sculpture with an ecological message, a way of reflecting his need to create and which allows him to experiment and explore with new, recycled and reused materials. A change brought about by the social, economic and environmental situation we live in today.

The sculptor Ángel Cañas not only recycles these tires but also turns this practice into art. 90% of his sculptures are made with recycled tires.

Vicente Olmos, CEO Sintac and Ángel Cañas artist.

After trying different waste materials he started experimenting with rubber, which is much more versatile, initially from all kinds of waste, plumbing parts, hoses, automotive and doormats, among others.

Most of his sculptures are medium and large format, all of them made with old tires from cars, motorcycles, etc.. Collected from specialized dumps and workshops. The pieces are treated, cut and moulded and then mounted on simple structures; in the case of the animal sculptures, made of steel and wood, which allow them to be shaped.

Ángel Cañas’s work “WOLF”, located at SINTAC’s head office

The end result are true works of art with maximum detail, which give the sculptures an appearance of great realism, despite the difficult tangibility of the tire. Angel manages not only to give life to his works, but also to raise awareness of the need to recycle and to make the planet cleaner.

The artist chooses animals as his subject matter in order to make an apology for animal rights and to criticize taxidermy. The rough and strong texture of the tyres, their grooves and studs give the sculptures the strength and aggressiveness of the animals, while at the same time giving them a realistic effect with the details of the skin, hair, etc.

Ángel Cañas’s work “UNICORN”, located at SINTAC’s head office

In 2018, Sintac’s CEO, Vicente Olmos, met Ángel Cañas at a recycling fair and was impressed by the artist’s great talent and the message of his works. Since then, Sintac, as a company committed to sustainability and Circular Economy projects, has collaborated with Ángel and has even acquired several of his works, including the sculptures ‘Wolf’ and ‘Unicorn’, located at SINTAC’s headquarters.

Don’t hesitate to visit their website and enjoy these incredible sculptures.

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