IMPLICA, the integrated and circular SCRAP for commercial and industrial packaging, is launched

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On 10 March IMPLICA, the new SCRAP for commercial and industrial packaging, was presented, promoted by CONFECOI, the Confederation of Industrial Eco-packaging, whose members include the associations ADELMA, AME, ANARPLA, ASEFAPI, ECOACERO, FEDESLIM, FEIGRAF, FER, QUIMACOVA and the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ).

The initiative was created as a collective business response to the new legal framework in force from 2023, Law 7/2022 on Waste and RD 1055/2022 on Packaging, to provide legal coverage for companies and help them to comply with their legal obligations.

Laura Sanz de Siria, Secretary General of CONFECOI said during her speech at the event: “The new SCRAP, called IMPLICA, refers to our INVOLVEMENT in the objective of prevention, reuse and recycling of industrial and commercial packaging in Spain. We INVOLVE the entire business chain: manufacturers, packers, holders and managers, both recoverers and recyclers”.


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IMPLICA is an independent entity from CONFECOI itself, which will continue to accompany companies during the period 2023-2024, acting as a promoter and catalyst until it is authorised. IMPLICA inherits the integrative and circular spirit of CONFECOI. “Inclusive” because it will listen to the opinion of all the companies in the value chain, from manufacturers to managers, including holders, and will respect the operational management already in place. “Circular” because it will take packaging manufacturers into consideration, as the Law offers them the opportunity to be actively involved by voluntary agreement with their customers, the packers.

During the presentation event, the details of the packaging adhering to the SCRAP IMPLICA initiative were shown, being multi-sectoral (56% Paints and inks, 17% Detergents and cleaning products, 11% Toys, 7% Basic chemicals, 4% Construction materials and 5% Others) and multi-material (64% steel, 18% plastic, 13% cardboard and 5% wood).

The IMPLICA project integrates 71% industrial packaging and 29% commercial packaging.

IMPLICA plans to implement DRS as a form of management for reusable packaging. Companies interested in setting up SIRAPs will be able to obtain technical assistance from CONFECOI.

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