Do you export industrial products to Germany?

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Today our colleague TERESA MARTINEZ, RIGK Systems Agent in Spain, has been a speaker at the ANAIP webinar focused on the new legal obligations on industrial packaging used in exports to Germany. 

 The webinar dealt with the new German Packaging Law, which came into force this year 2022 and introduces new obligations such as registration, internal documentation to prove compliance with the law and information along the value chain. It affects both B2C and B2B business relationships.


Agente de Sistema RIGK en España

? During the webinar, the “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR) of Spanish companies exporting to Germany was analysed in detail. In addition, a series of case studies were presented. In short, the companies were able to gain in-depth knowledge of the best system for obtaining the essential leal coverage to ensure that their products are marketed in Germany, avoiding penalties for non-compliance.

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