Circular Recycling of industrial polyolefin packaging

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Germany and Spain, strategic allies in the Circular Economy

In Germany, the RIGK organization has just turned 25 years with the slogan: 

RIGK Pointing the way. Gentle on resources. For our Environment. 

RIGK, created by industry and for industry, was promoted 25 years ago by the companies BASF, DOW, INEOS, LYONDELLBASELL, MÄUSER, NRODFOLIEN, SCHUTZ PACKAGING SYSTEMS and SL PACKAGING, all of them companies committed to Sustainability.

Responsible in Germany for 8 Collective Management Systems Eco-Efficient for a wide range of plastic flows:industrial, commercial and agricultural, RIGK has earned the trust and enjoys credibility among its customers in the chemistry, plastics, agriculture and livestock sectors.

The Circular Economy has no borders. RIGK has subsidiaries in Chile and Romania and has chosen the Spanish company SINTAC RECYCLING as its partner to start and implement its activities in Spain.

SINTAC, as an RIGK agency in Spain, has designed two projects in 2018 related to Plastics and the Circular Economy: CHEMCIRCULAR and CELIa, in the field of recycling of rigid and flexible polyolefin industrial packaging and certification, respectively.

Inspired by the RIGK experience in Germany, and integrated into the SINTAC philosophy of circular recycling of plastics, the new projects aim to translate into concrete realities, into voluntary initiatives, the global commitment of companies with the Circular Economy, the Responsible Care, the CSR, to demonstrate the proactive attitude in Spain of the chemical and plastics industry. Both projects are part of the Strategy of the European Commissionof Plastics and Circular Economy, combining the key elements for success with both initiatives: closing the cycle of recycling, traceability and assurance of good environmental practices with this third-party certification.
In summary, it has been a union of both, the experience with Collective Systems for the management of plastics provided by RIGK, and the know-how and the capacity to treat plastics from different origins provided by the SINTAC RECYCLING team in Spain. 

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