Business groups “ASCON” and “Sintac Recycling”

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BUSINESS GROUPS “ASCON RESOURCE MANAGEMT HOLDING” AND “SINTAC RECYCLING” join forces to innovate in the recycling management in the German and Spanish markets-

The German company ASCON and the Spanish company SINTAC RECYCLING have signed a business collaboration agreement, connecting the technological developments and the recycling and recovery services management to promote new business projects at a European level.

On the one hand the extensive experience as a consultant and the innovation of ASCON, and on the other side the growth in the sector of recycling and recovery in Spain represented by SINTAC, forms a business group that will try to establish the most innovative systems in the recovery and the recycling in both countries and also, expand their innovative processes within the rest of the European Union.

Whereas in Germany, the recovery and recycling processes are on the forefront in Europe; in Spain, this sector is still in an early stage of development. The staging of a business group as ASCON-SINTAC means in practice, the transfer to the Spanish market of some of the most important environmental successes in the recycling industry in the German market, and the transfer of good practices of recovery, environmental communication, and corporate social responsibility in the Spanish market to the German System.

ASCON AND SINTAC are currently European benchmarks in the management and recycling of waste with over 20 years of experience in the European industry, and join forces to improve their markets and offer the best service to its clients.

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