AVEP awards the professional trajectory of Sintac Recycling

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The Valencian Association of Plastic Companies (AVEP) has celebrated the incorporation of SINTAC RECYCLING, at its XVI Annual Meeting, hosted at the Technological Center of Plastics. The recognition was collected by the Founder of SINTAC RECYCLING, Vicente Olmos Jorge, with a professional career of twenty-five years within the Plastic Recycling Industry. The Gala was held at the “Palau de la Música” in Valencia and welcomed more than 400 attendees, including the Director General of Industry and Energy of the Environmental Department, Mrs. Júlia Company. The award to SINTAC RECYCLING was given by the President of AVER D. Salvador Benedlto, together with Cristina Monge (General Secretary of AVEP). SINTAC RECYCLING is configured as one of the most prestigious professional recycling companies in Europe.

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