The importance of recycling at Christmas time

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Christmas is a magical time marked by celebrations; family gatherings, reunions with friends, presents, etc. However, it is also a period when waste increases considerably, especially on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Consumption during Christmas

During these days, the consumption of food, beverages, and gift wrapping, among many other things, experiences a marked increase. In fact, packaging waste increases significantly during the holiday season, accounting for up to 40% of its annual volume in some cases. This is why it is so important to separate them at home and then dispose of them in the appropriate inside their corresponding containers, never piled up around them. Therefore, awareness of society as a whole is vital to reduce waste generation figures by using “The 3 Rs“: reduce, recycle and reuse.

3 Christmas recycling tips

1. Recycle: each waste in its container.

  • The green container for glass, the blue one for paper and cardboard and the yellow one for plastic and metal containers.
  • Gift wrapping paper that can no longer be reused goes into the blue garbage can.
  • Gift wrapping should be separated from plastic, ribbons, bows, twine and staples.
  • Clean paper napkins go in the blue garbage can and dirty ones in the general trash.
  • The wrappings of nougat, marzipan and polvorones are normally made of plastic and go to the yellow container (even if it has food leftovers).
  • On December 24th and 31st the garbage collection services are not operative; therefore, avoid taking out the garbage until the following night.

2. Reduce

  • Avoid food waste by planning the quantities of food to buy for cooking and using leftovers from other meals.
  • Minimize the use of single-use materials; instead, use materials that can be reused, thus reducing the uncontrolled and unnecessary consumption of resources. Don’t forget that this is about celebrating a responsible and sustainable Christmas.
  • Opt for local commerce to reduce pollution and promote local commerce.
  • Give non-material gifts such as theater tickets, a trip or a dinner, which only produce as the only residue satisfaction.

3. Reuse

  • Reuse Christmas ornaments from previous years. Instead of buying new ones if you’re tired of yours, opt for exchanging them with your friends, family or neighbors.
  • Make your own ornaments, reusing materials you already have at home. Crafts are a simple and dialectic way to instill the principle of “The 3 Rs” to the little ones at home.
  • Reuse, give away and donate toys to give them a second life.
  • Reuse your shopping bags.
  • Minimize the use of wrappers and make sure to reuse all those that you do use.

This Christmas be responsible and put into practice these recycling tips to promote sustainability and responsible consumption to conserve the environment. Christmas is a time to be surrounded by family and friends and there is no greater gift than enjoying nature and health. We all need to do our bit.

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