Supplier code of ethics



SINTAC RECYCLING expects all its suppliers to respect the commitment and support the basic principles governed by the “Supplier Code of Ethics”, which reflects a framework of mutual understanding and permits maintaining stable and lasting business relationships. The main objective is to meet the international standards, enhancing an ongoing development of the purchasing and contracting processes based on the excellence.

Considering the suppliers as a group of major strategic interest, SINTAC RECYCLING, S.L. has established specific principles for each of the areas of activity, in accordance with the principles and values of SINTAC RECYCLING, which are reflected in the “Supplier Code of Ethics”, and must be accepted by the suppliers.



SINTAC RECYLINGs suppliers will perform their business activities ethically and with integrity, taking into account the principles of:


  • Reserved, classified, personal and intern information: the private information of SINTAC RECYCLING that is property or is in custody of the supplier will be considered as reserved, classified or information of intern use, being the supplier´s responsibility to adopt the necessary measures to protect the information. The information perceived as reserved, confidential and of internal use during the trading relations, will not be shared and published, unless it has been explicitly authorized by SINTAC RECYCLING. In any case, the data privacy must be ensured.


  • Legality: the suppliers will respect the laws, norms and regulations of the countries where the activities are carried out, without carrying out practices that endanger the legality and the fundamental ethical principles.


  • Transparency: the suppliers will provide accurate and complete information in all financial, entrepreneurial or commercial publications.


  • Fair competition: the suppliers will run their businesses, respecting fair competition, as well as all those mandatory norms, to develop an ethical relationship with its competitors.


  • Anti-Corruption: SINTAC RECYCLING requires its suppliers to reject any behavior of corruption in all its manners, including extortion and bribery. In that way, no supplier will be able to offer or carry out direct or indirect payments in cash, to any natural or legal person with the objectives of:


    • Obtaining and maintaining illegally any business or advantage, and /or
    • That this natural or legal person abuses its influence, real or apparent, to obtain illicitly any business or advantage.


  • Communication of irregular situations and behaviors: the providers will provide their employees with the possibility of communicating, in a confidential manner, about any situation, incidence or behavior considered irregular.


  • Conflict of interests: the suppliers, in order to maintain and guarantee its full autonomy, must identify and resolve any situation of conflict of interests, real or potential, presented by any of its employees.



SINTAC RECYCLING wants to share with its suppliers and contractors, its commitment in the area of Human and Labor Rights in accordance with the law and with internationally recognized practices as:


  • Human Rights: the suppliers will support and respect the protection of the universally declared human rights, and must ensure not being complicit of infringement, by act or omission. Similarly, the suppliers of SINTAC RECYCLING will respect the human rights of local communities in the areas where the activities are carried out.


  • Labor Legislation: the suppliers will comply with the labor laws and regulations regarding salaries and work schedules, respecting all workers´ rights in accordance with the countries´ legislations where the activities are carried out (minimum wage, overtime compensation system, periods of rest and vacations).


  • Dignity of the persons: the suppliers will respect the dignity, intimacy and any other right attributed to the workers, avoiding any conduct that intimidate or offend the rights of the persons.


  • Child Labor: the suppliers will not hire minors for performing any job, always respecting the minimum employment age established in the current legislation, and supporting the abolition of child labor. Additionally, suppliers must ensure that no minor engages in dangerous labor or that interfere in the child´s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.


  • Recruitment of disabled workers: the suppliers must commit to respect the legal reserve for the recruitment of disabled workers in accordance with the legislation of each country, supporting the integration of this collective into the labor market.


  • Forced labor and harassment: the suppliers will ensure the inexistence of forced or coerced labor in they organizations. This includes any work executed under the menace of a penalty or retaliation. Any manifestation of violence, exploitation, abuse of authority, mistreatment or physical, sexual, psychological and moral harassment must be rejected.


  • Equality of opportunity and non-discrimination: the suppliers will promote non-discrimination at work on the basis of ethnic and social origin, race, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, nationality, social, ideologies, public opinion, religion, physical ability, health, pregnancy, and any other personal condition.


  • Right to free association: the suppliers will guarantee the right of association, affiliation and collective bargaining, depending on the rules applicable in each case.


  • Occupational health and safety: SINTAC RECYCLINGs suppliers should also promote the implementation of security and occupational health policies, to ensure:
    • A safe and healthy working environment, complying with the requirements in terms of occupational risk prevention according to the international standards.
    • Facilities that guarantee industrial hygiene, adequate lighting and sufficient ventilation, sanitary, and access to drinking water, fire safety and adequate security equipment for each performing activity.
    • Preventive measures to avoid accidents and occupational diseases, having responses to emergency situations when performing work activities.
    • The Assumption of responsibility for the safety and health of the employees.
    • Education and Training of personnel on health and safety prevention so that they ensure their own safety and the one of others while performing work activities.



Suppliers and contractors of SINTAC RECYCLING will carry out their activities in a responsible manner, minimizing their impact on the Environment and encouraging measures against climate change, in favor of biodiversity, taking into account these principles:


  • Environmental law: suppliers will fulfil the obligations applicable under the law and current regulations on environmental protection in the countries where the business activities are carried out.


  • Preventive and corrective measures and Policies: suppliers will rely on policies that include preventive measures promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability, with efficient systems to identify, control and address the environmental impact of its activities. In the case of environmental damages, all necessary resources should be implemented to restore the previous situation.


  • Waste, emissions and spills: Suppliers will have systems to ensure safe handling, transfer, storage and recycling of the waste generated by its activity. Additionally, they will have a management system for the atmospheric emissions and for the waste water discharges, in order to meet the applicable guidelines.


  • Natural resource conservation: Suppliers should make rational use of the available natural resources, minimizing or eliminating from its origin the impact caused during the development of the activity, designing production processes that favor the development of environmental-friendly technologies.


  • Quality of the product or of the service performed: Suppliers will ensure that the delivered products or performed services fulfil the quality standards established by law, as well as any aspects established in the contract with SINTAC RECYCLING.




This “Supplier Code of Ethics” and all the basic principles of action, contained in it, will have to be accepted by the suppliers and contractors. Compliance with the “Supplier Code of Ethics” will be included as a contract attachment. SINTAC RECYCLING reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship with those suppliers that failure to comply with any of these principles.


However, the present “Supplier Code of Ethics” is considered to be a minimal agreement which does not discharge a supplier of complying with the additional obligations established by law in all different jurisdictions where SINTAC RECYCLING carries out its business activities.

To ensure the compliance with the “Supplier Code of Ethics”, SINTAC RECYCLING has a specific procedure to report incidents and irregularities on its website:


By doing so, SINTAC RECYCLINGs intention is to make sure that the suppliers can report any unethical behavior that goes against the principles of the “Supplier Code of Ethics” during the business relationship with SINTAC RECYCLING.