Team spirit, resistance and overcoming adversity, were the keys to success.

The SINTAC RECYCLING Rally Team has reached sixth position in the 2018 edition of the Pan-African Rally. The SSV-BUGGY category was composed of six stages; all located in the South of Morocco, known for the varied types of terrains such as dune areas.

The Rally was held in the second week of September. In the Rally, participants experienced the hardness and the sensations of the Moroccan stages, where the Rally Dakar takes place, working relentlessly, respecting the ambience, and giving their best as teams to reach the finish line of the race.

For the CEO of SINTAC RECYCLING, Vicente Olmos, racer of the Team SINTAC, “the experience has been harder than we expected, but we are used to work as a team, making huge sacrifices and doing everything we do the very best we can. We can say, that we have applied our usual values to this rally, working as hard as we could to succeed”.

Fran García, co-driver of the SINTAC team, stated at the end of the competition: “It has been a real pride to compete against professional drivers such as Farrés, who was third in the Rally Dakar”.










In this edition, nearly 100 participants accepted the challenge of the PanAfrica Rally, which includes three categories: motorcycles, quad and SSV-BUGGY.