Valencia has the first Collective System of Circular Recycling for boxes of polyolefins

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CAPEC, Boxes and Pallets for a Circular Economy, has been publicly presented, within the framework of the International Fair for Environmental Solutions, ECOFIRA 2018.

CAPEC aims to organize throughout Spain the collection and recycling of polyolefins boxes for fruits and vegetables. In this way, with the recovered material, new boxes will be manufactured, which will be certified by the system, for its re-introduction in the market, in the cycle of packaging, transport and handling of fruits and vegetables.

The CAPEC Technical Manuals, inspired by models that already operate in other European countries, will contain the most demanding technical parameters linked to the Quality, Traceability and Food Safety of the whole circuit, to obtain the favorable report of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA ).

CAPEC is a voluntary collective initiative of the value chain, born of the will and commitment of Valencian companies, to which have been added others from Andalucia and Cataluña, equally committed to the Circular Economy.

ECOHAL ANDALUCIA, FERROVIAL, INJECTATS GAYA, PLASBEN, PONIENTEPLAST, SINTAC RECYCLING and VIZMON are leading CAPEC in its first phase, with the aim of integrating the management system, to all companies linked to the value chain in Spain: manufacturing, packaging , utilization, distribution, recovery and recycling of boxes for fruits and vegetables.

Without having any legal obligation, CAPEC will be the first Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility for a specific commercial container, based on a voluntary commitment of the companies.

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