Company Policy

The Executive Board of SINTAC RECYCLING, S.L., dedicated to the recycling and the recovery of plastic materials, has decided to promote the provision of the necessary resources for its realization, and the implementation of an integrated Quality and Environmental Policy within the whole company, as a guide for the construction of our main objective:

“Ensure the maximum QUALITY and SERVICE, maintaining the right balance between DEVELOPMENT and NATURE.”

Our policy contemplates the following guidelines:

Guarantee the accomplishment of legal and regulatory requirements, and/or specific requirements solicited by our customers.

Provide our customers with a highly- specialized service, adapted to the technological development of our products.

Perform an exhaustive quality control of our products and the raw materials used.

Carry out all business activities within an environmental-friendly scope, under the principle of pollution prevention, minimizing the possible impact on the environment.

This Company Policy ensures that our production processes are carried out in the best possible environmental-friendly conditions.

Maintain the integrated management system aiming for the continuous improvement of our business operations.

For the achievement of the guidelines, SINTAC RECYCLING, S.L is committed to:

Assume its responsibilities to maintain a Quality and Environmental Policy as a reference framework in the establishment of quality and environmental objectives.

Comply with the commitment of enforcing the Quality and Environmental Policy. Additionally, leading the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the Management System.

Accept the commitment of reviewing the present policy to adapt it to the new requirements and providing it to any interested enterprise, institution or party that requests it.

Assume its commitment to assign the necessary technical and human resources to maintain an ongoing contact with our customers and the market, to meet the needs and to be able to adapt to them.

Comply with the commitment of developing upmarket products and services (high quality/ minimal impact).

Accept the commitment of establishing the necessary measures to achieve the satisfaction of our personnel and maintain the good working environment. In SINTAC RECYCLING, S.L. we commit ourselves to promote the participation and training of our personnel.

Assume the commitment of managing effectively and efficiently the vital resources: Water; Energy; assigning the resources required. Accept the commitment of carrying out our business operations minimizing the generation of waste, effluents and emissions.

Maintaining a strict control of the most significant environmental aspects, to minimize any type of impact.