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SINTAC RECYCLING SL., is a leading company in the recovery, recycling and conversion of urban, agricultural and industrial plastic waste. The company is made up out of a team of professionals with an experience of over 20 years. We stand for quality, reliability and commitment to our customers.


Based in Valencia (Spain), SINTAC RECYCLING SL. is present on five continents, active in the commercialization of plastics and the launching of major environmental projects for The Circular Economy.


SINTAC´s Plastic Transformation Center, covers over 25.000 square meters for the recycling and logistics of plastics. The Center is based in Quart de Poblet (Valencia) and has a wide stock of pellets and shredded materials.

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New facilities of SINTAC Recycling

New facilities of SINTAC Recycling

SINTAC Recycling is a leading company in the recovery, recycling and transformation of plastics from urban, agricultural and industrial waste with more than 30 years of experience. In recent years, the world of recycling and the circular economy has increased...

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Green companies. What are they?

Green companies. What are they?

Sustainability refers to the efficient and rational management of resources to improve the well-being of the population without compromising the quality of life of future generations. Being a green company is characterised by directing efforts to improve and promote...

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Green point – do you know what it means?

Green point – do you know what it means?

The first answer that will come to your mind is that it is just that: a dot, in green. But no, it is not just that. What is the green point? The green point is a symbol visible on all packaging managed by a Collective Extended Producer Responsibility System (EPRS)....

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Yellow container – What goes inside?

Yellow container – What goes inside?

Knowing the types of recycling is fundamental to start our ecological work and collaborate in the care of the environment. During these years we have become more and more aware of the importance of recycling, many doubts have arisen about, “In which container should I...

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